The teams competing in Women's Americas Cup 2024

12 or 14  teams will be invited to the Women’s AC, 3-17 October 2024 in Barcelona. Spain. Each competing team/syndicate in the 37th Americas Cup (AC) will present a women’s team representing their Clubs and countries in Women's Americas Cup (WAC). Today that means 6 AC women teams, representing: New Zealand, Italy, United Kingdom, France, USA and Switzerland.

A matching number of teams will be invited teams, representing yacht clubs and countries other than the countries represented by the competitors in the 37th America’s Cup. The invited teams have been selected out of a large group of teams that have expressed an interest for an invitation, by sending in a request and presentation and interviews by the ACE review panel. Today the following nations have received such an invitation: Sweden, Canada, Spain, Netherlands and Germany. One more nation will soon be announced. 

Each team onboard racing in the AC40 shall consist of four women, all must be nationals of the country the team represent. Two team members for helming and two for trimming. The crew shall be maximum 280 kg.