We have a spot!

Hard work and dedication pays off! We are one of 12 teams competing in the historic very first women's class in America's Cup in Barcelona, October 2024.

Press release below.

WINGS will be sailing in historic
Women's America's Cup 2024

Breaking news!!!

WINGS are racing the first Women’s America's Cup in history!!!!

We are thrilled to share with you what we have been working on this winter.

Hard work, big dreams and dedication has paid off and we have now received an invitation to compete in the inaugural Women’s America's Cup event in Barcelona in October 2024.  

-       A year ago we got the news about this amazing decision made by America's Cup. My whole body said YES!!!!! Finally! We said to ourselves, in the team, that we will not sit on the sidelines and regret we didn’t have the guts to go for it. It’s a huge amount of work and lot of pressure to get this project going the way we have planned, now but we love the challenge, and we are ready to work hard! says Anna.

Huge thanks to our yacht club, GKSS, supporting the application and to our partner Hexatronic for making it possible to proceed with the entry.  

WINGS will team up with the Swedish Youth Challenge and to our help we have incredible knowledge and support from professional sailors Phil Robertson and Kyle Langford both living in Gothenburg.  

-       Im really looking forward to working with Anna and her team in the lead up to the Women’s Americas Cup in Barcelona. I have known Anna a long time and worked with her in the lead up to the London Olympics where she was competing. It's great to have the opportunity to work together again and pass on some of my knowledge of foiling in the Americas Cup to not only help the team with a great result in Barcelona but to start a foiling legacy in Sweden for future generations. Kyle Langfor

Now it’s full engines go, to get the campaign in motion, set the finance, be the fastest sailors and the best team. We aim for the trophy and the journey will be a truly happy ride!

- We know each other very well now and the team work won’t be an issue. Now we need to add some great speed sailors into the team. But it will not be hard to convince any of the fast sailors onboard. This is a dream come true for all of us! Linnéa Wennergren.

For Sweden, for the next generation and for all girls wanting to be part of the professional life of sports and sailing!  

Welcome onboard and fly high with WINGS!