Annie Wennergren   Annika Carlunger   Marie Grusmark   Anna Östling  Linnéa Wennergren  Anna Holmdal White

We are WINGS.

WINGS have been sailing under different names with different girls and sponsors since 2007. Everyone in the team share the passion about sailing, the same goal and the dedication that's needed for a world class of campaign. The job it takes for WINGS to keep on moving forward is something that relay on everyones hard work and dedication.  We help each other like the gees flying together in the sky. We are pushing and supporting each other and we are taking different roles and responsibilities.  We love the great story about the gees flying - ask us next time we meet!

Biggest achievements:

Womens match racing world champions 2014 and 2016.
4 time winners GKSS Match Cup Marstrand. 2021, 2020, 2019, 2018. 
Winners Women's International match Racing series 2016.

Nominated by the Swedish Sports Award - Team of the year.
Nominated top 8 Jerringpriset 2014. 
Representing Sweden in match racing at the Olympic Games, London 2012